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If you need surgery, it’s important to schedule a pre-op clearance first. Undergoing a physical exam and lab testing can alert you to potential issues that might increase your risk of surgical complications. At Harrison Medical Group, primary care providers Joseph Anton, MD, and Alice Coscia, ANP, offer pre-op clearance visits to people of all ages. To make an appointment, call the office in Harrison, New Jersey, or click the online booking feature today.

Pre-op Clearance Q&A

What is pre-op clearance?

Pre-op clearance is a quick, outpatient appointment that assesses your physical health. It’s used to determine if you’re well enough to receive anesthesia and undergo a surgical procedure. 

By participating in a pre-op clearance appointment, you can better prepare for your operation and significantly reduce the risk of complications. 

What does pre-op clearance involve?

At Harrison Medical Group, pre-op clearance involves several tests, including:

Physical exam

During a physical exam, your provider checks your vital signs, listens to your heart and respiratory rate, tests your reflexes, and gently palpates your organs. They also ask about your lifestyle and review your medical records. 

Cardiac evaluation

A cardiac evaluation involves an electrocardiogram (EKG). An electrocardiogram uses a series of electrodes to monitor your heart’s electrical activity. This noninvasive, pain-free test can alert you to an abnormal or irregular heartbeat.

Lung function assessment

A lung function assessment evaluates how well your lungs work. If you’re overweight or you have a chronic respiratory condition like asthma, you might experience breathing issues during surgery.

Gastrointestinal testing

If you experience chronic digestive issues, like diarrhea, constipation, or inflammation, your provider might recommend gastrointestinal testing, like a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy can identify polyps or blockages that might affect your recovery.

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests analyze samples of your urine, blood, or saliva, to learn more about your general health and reduce the risk of surgical complications. For example, if you might need a blood transfusion, your provider orders cross-match blood testing to determine your blood type.  

Is there anything I should tell my doctor during pre-op clearance?

Yes. During a pre-op clearance appointment, let your Harrison Medical Group provider know about anything that might increase your risk of complications during surgery. That includes underlying medical conditions as well as the prescription medications, vitamins, and supplements you take daily.  

If you have any questions about the surgery itself, feel free to bring them up. An important aspect of pre-op clearance is keeping patients educated and informed. Your Harrison Medical Group provider can walk you through the process, ensuring you know what to expect on the day of your procedure.

If you need to schedule pre-op clearance, make an appointment at Harrison Medical Group by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.